Chips and Old Blocks 'n all

Here's a letter that Lughán had printed in The Irish Times Today.  Proud Dad Moment...


A chara, – The only truly abhorrent element of this Budget is the cut in overseas development aid. Development money goes to places with no living memory or realistic hope of prosperity. Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform Brendan Howlin (one of the six vice-presidents of the Association of European Parliamentarians for Africa) has imposed domestic austerity that may cause serious discomfort and anxiety; his cuts to global aid, however, will cause death.

I ask for empathy: it is not such a long time since we were in the grasps of famine – and we know well the scarring that colonisation leaves. Ireland has always punched above its weight with regard to global aid: let our banking reputation rise and fall, but please don’t tamper with what makes us proud to call this place home. – Yours, etc,


St Columbanus Road,

Dublin 14.