Start blog

For a number of years now I've tried to write a blog.  Several iterations have been started and few have moved far beyond a programmed reminder on my phone.  I enjoy writing and I enjoy telling a story, so a blogging adventure seemd like a logical destination at some point.  So here I am doing it.
I recently wrote for a friend a list of the things that were the most ispiring and important to me so I'm guessing that these facets of my life will make it into these entries.  Amongst these (in no particular order) are - eating, guitars, family, coffee (especially when accompanied by madeleines),  travelling, gadgets, music, running and laughing.  When I wrote that list in my mind I included recording equipment with gadgets, but I guess that deseves to be a category in and of itself, as, Lord knows, I like to talk about gear.
I also like to take photographs, some of which I may put up here, and if allowed perhaps some of the people I'm lucky enough to work with will allow me post some of their music here also.
I've read that the best way to make something a habit is to do it every day for thirty days.  So tht will be my first test - to see if I can make a blog entry every day for thirty days...…….!